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Contest 25.4. 2013


Geometry and a Square - A game with right angles.
Air Strike - Find a maximum set of points covered by two disks.
Build the Fence - Convex hull, huh?
Cell Phone - Cover maximum points with one disk.
Transmitters - Sort points along the rotation angle.
The Ant - Find a route for a little ant.
Equipment Box - Does one rectangle fit into another?
Lifting the Stone - A search for the center of mass.

Reminiscence of Graphs

Almost Shortest Path - Find an almost shortest path.
Lego - Did you use to play Lego? Then this shouldn't be a challenge for you!
Ant - Ants know nothing about matrix multiplication and fast exponentiation.
Paradox - Identify a contradiction in a set of arguments.
The Bottom of a Graph - Find a bottom of a graph.

A Takeaway Full of Problems

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