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Setting up Eclipse

This HOWTO consider developing in Eclipse IDE for MicroZed APO.

Cross compiler already installed, like /usr/local/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc in KN:E-2.

Add private SSH

For remote connection to MicroZed APO, private key of user root has to be integrated into Eclipse IDE.

  1. Select Preferences from Window menu.
    Select ''Preferences'' from ''Window'' menu.
  2. Select SSH2 in General → Network Connection left bar.
    Select ''SSH2'' in ''General -> Network Connection'' left bar.
  3. Click to Add Private Key….
    Click to ''Add Private Key...''.
  4. From File System, find private key mzapo-root-key in /opt/apo/zynq/ssh-connect/ folder.
    From ''File System'', find private key ''mzapo-root-key'' in ''/opt/apo/zynq/ssh-connect/'' folder.
  5. Confirm Preferences changes.
    Confirm ''Preferences'' changes.

Create project

  1. Create New → Project.
    Create ''New -> Project''.
  2. Select C Project.
    Select ''C Project''.
  3. Type the Project name.
    Type the ''Project name''.
  4. Just Next > click window.
    Just ''Next >'' click window.
  5. Set cross compiler prefix arm-linux-gnueabihf-. Path can be left empty or set to /usr/local/bin/ or /opt/OSELAS.Toolchain-2016.06.1/arm-cortexa8-linux-gnueabihf/gcc-5.4.0-glibc-2.23-binutils-2.26-kernel-4.6-sanitized/bin but that is not necessary. Then continue by Finish.
    Set cross compiler prefix ''arm-linux-gnueabihf-'' and it's path ''/usr/local/bin/'' and ''Finish''.
  6. Use context menu of the project (right click) and select New - File. You need to name file added to the project with appropriate extension (*.c).

Build project

Now, when the code is ready to be built and tested.

  1. Select Build Project from Project menu.
    Select ''Build Project'' from ''Project'' menu.
  2. From Binaries subfolder of the project [right click] context menu select Run As → Run Configurations.
    From ''Binaries'' subfolder of the project [right click] context menu select ''Run As -> Run Configurations''.
  3. Select C/C++ Remote Application in left bar.
    From ''Binaries'' subfolder of the project [Right click] context menu select ''Run As -> Run Configurations''.
  4. Click New… in Connection section.
    Click ''New...'' in ''Connection'' section.
Well… Now, it's the time, when Jump and link (JAL) instruction comes in handy. So just remember this position and focus on the different problem…

New connection

  1. Select SSH Only remote system type.
    Select ''SSH Only'' remote system type.
  2. Put IP ADDRESS of YOUR BOARD. There is chance less or equal to approximately 9% that it will work with the same IP address shown in the next picture. This chance drops to approximately 0.4% when DHCP server in KN:E-2 flush its DHCP binding table and to approximately 5.6 * 10^{-6} when your board is connected in local area network (LAN) different to KN:E-2.
    Put ''IP ADDRESS'' of **YOUR BOARD**.
  3. Confirm new connection by Finish button.
    Confirm new connection by ''Finish'' button.

jr $ra

This is where the [Build project] section was interrupted, now it's possible to continue.

  1. Add absolute path for application, /tmp/project is recommended.
    Add //absolute path// for application, ''/tmp/applicationName'' is recommended.
  2. Run created configuration.
    Run created configuration.

SSH login

Connecting to MicroZed APO with proper username and key confirmation.

  1. Type proper user root, no password needed.
    Type proper user ''root'', no password needed.
  2. Confirm warning.
    Confirm warning.
  3. See the output in Console.
    See the output in ''Console''.
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