Ing. Roman Bartosinski, Ph.D.


Professional experience

His diploma thesis Implementation of USB Interface for Small Devices is in use for 17 years in multiple companies. It has been extended from pure initial Philips PDI USB chip support to work on multiple MCUs.

During his postgraduate studies he was with the Czech Academy of Sciences where he worked on simulations of hardware micro-controller peripherals, and optimization of algorithms for embedded and multicore systems and FPGAs. His Ph.D. work Implementation Methods of LD-RLS with Directional Forgetting for Embedded Systems on a Chip.

After that he works as a freelance developer on projects in several companies and he is joined company daiteq s.r.o. . He works on implementations of image processing algorithms in MCUs, SoCs and FPGAs, extensions of Leon CPU core (Sparc-V8 architecture) in frame of multiple European Space Agency projects, micro-threading research and implementation, IEEE-754 implementation.

He also implements a support for these extensions in development tools (binutils, LLVM, OpenOCD, QEMU). The developed extensions have been also implemented on RISC-V architecture.


Negotiate by e-mail.

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