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Managing Workspace: clear disp length load save size format

Logical Functions: all any exist find logical

MATLAB as a Programming Language: function

Control Flow: break case else elseif end error for if otherwise return switch warning while

Interactive Input: input pause

Elementary Matrices and Arrays: eye ones rand randn zeros

Special Variables and Constants: eps flops i inf nan

Measuring Time: tic toc

Matrix Manipulation: cat diag repmat reshape

Elementary Math Functions: abs acos angle asin, atan, atan2 ceil conj cos exp floor imag log mod real rem sign sin sqrt tan

Matrix Analysis: cond det kron norm rank rcond rref subspace trace

Linear Equations: \ / chol inv lu pinv qr

Eigenvalues and Singular Values: eig poly schur svd

Matrix Functions: expm funm logm sqrtm

Basic Operations: convhull cumprod cumsum max mean median min perms prod sort sum

Polynomials: roots

Sparse Matrices: spdiags speye sprand sprandn sprandsym find full sparse nnz nonzeros nzmax spalloc spfun spones spy

Sound Functions: sound wavread wavwrite

String to Number Conversion: sprintf sscanf

I/O Functions: fprintf fscanf imread imwrite

Multidimensional Arrays: cat flipdim ipermute ndgrid ndims permute reshape shiftdim squeeze

Cell Arrays, Structures, Object-oriented programming: Do not use them!

Graphics Commands: You can use any.

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