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Ing. Rostislav Lisový


Email: lisovy@gmail.com

Room: KN:E-7a

Homepage : http://lisovy.cz/

OpenHub: link

Company: https://www.mosaic51.com/

Professional experience

My diploma thesis Education Material for PCI Driver Development for GNU/Linux OS has given base for PCI Express card emulation in QEMU which has been previously used in A0B35APO course.

Drivers for the Humusoft MF624 data acquisition cards have been accepted to Linux kernel mainline as well as my work on Volkswagen Research project on IEEE 802.11p for Car2Car communication at CTU FEE and iMX53 BSP support done at PiKRON company (commits).

Few other projects I've been working on (partially or fully in charge of R&D and manufacturing):

I am a huge fan of vintage Czechoslovak computers as well :)


Negotiate by e-mail.

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