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Topics Topic Slides Source Session Recording
01 Introduction and Integer Arithmetic PDF ODP BBB MP4
02 Real Numbers and Memory PDF ODP BBB MP4
03 Central Processing Unit (CPU) PDF ODP BBB MP4
04 Cache and Memory Hierarchy PDF ODP BBB MP4
05 CPU Pipelined Execution PDF ODP BBB MP4
06 Branch and Speculative Execution PDF ODP BBB MP4
07 Input/Output Subsystem 1 PDF ODP BBB MP4
07 Input/Output Subsystem 2 BBB MP4
08 Input/Output on MZ_APO Education Kit PDF ODP BBB MP4
09 External Events Processing PDF ODP BBB MP4
10 Parameters Passing and System Calls PDF ODP BBB MP4
11 INTEL x86 processor family On page - BBB MP4
12 CPU Architectures Development PDF ODP

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