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A0M33EOA - Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms

Evolutionary algorithms are stochastic optimization techniques, originally inspired by nature. The goal of this course is to introduce this class of optimization algorithms, including the issues that must be solved when applying them and their solutions. During the lectures, various kinds of evolutionary algorithms will be presented, including the application areas. During the computer labs, students will implement their own evolutionary algorithms to solve more complex optimization problems.

The course brings you 6 ECTS credits. On average, you should devote 2 hours to lectures, 2 hours to excercises, and 5 to 6 hours to home work each week!

Basic info

Teaching in Winter Semester 2023/24 :

  • The course is ready to be taught in English. It can be taught in Czech, if all students agree. (The web page and study materials remain in English).
  • The homeworks and semestral tasks shall be submitted via BRUTE. The relevant deadlines can always be found in BRUTE.
  • See the course rules for use of AI tools.
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