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Semestral tasks

You can come up with

or you can choose from the following ones:

  1. Simulation tasks:

Please, after the presentation of the semestral task topics during a lab session, send three chosen topics in the order of your interest to petr.posik@cvut.cz. The topic can be freely changed until the semestral tasks deadline (if not fully occupied by other students). One topic can be solved by 3 students at most! First come, first served.

Current assignments of the topics

Your tasks

The chosen semestral task topic shall be solved with

  1. a local search algorithm,
  2. simple evolutionary algorithm and
  3. a specialized EA or memetic algorithm (EA combined with local search).

Requirements for the implementaton

  • Working code for all solved subtasks.
  • GUI is not required (but can bring you some bonus points).

Further info:

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