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Interactive educational app

When watching EOA lectures, have you had a feeling that something would have been better explained using a kind of interactive demo, instead of static graphs and images? You can create such a demo/dashboard/application as part of this semestral project topic to help future EOA students.


This topic covers potentially a large number of possible projects. The actual details of your chosen interactive demo must be discussed with the teacher before starting the work!

The resulting demo/dashboard/app should be usable during EOA lectures:

  • It should be an interactive demo/app/dashboard, i.e., a video recording of something is not sufficient.
  • It should allow to control important parameters of the demo in its interface.
  • It should be preferably implemented in Julia or Python. It may have a form of Jupyter notebook (with interactive widgets), a Streamlit application, a Dash app, a Pluto.jl notebook, etc. You can suggest and use another dashboarding tool if you wish.

Implementation thoughts

There are basically 2 imaginable basic modes of operation:

  1. Set up and run a simulation, display some statistics/graphs/images on the fly.
  2. Choose a file with a pre-recorded simulation data, and visualise them.

Of course, a combination of the above two is possible too: if pre-recorded data exist, do not run the simulation, just display the data; if pre-recorded data are not available, run the simulation to collect them (and store them for future).

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