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  • Exam will have the regular presence form. (Distance exam will be organized only in extraordinary conditions.)
  • There will be one primary exam date for all students. For those who cannot take it, or will not succeed at it, we will organize another exam date. Other cases will be solved individually.

Exam conditions

  • The exam has a written form. Oral exam will follow only in unclear cases.
  • The exam will be open book. You can consult literature, or lecture notes, or internet. But you should be aware that looking things up is surely more time consuming than just knowing them.
  • We want to see your original work! Any communication of any form with other persons (with the exception of the teacher) is prohibited. The use of AI Tools is prohibited.
  • The exam will take place in specified date and time, and will have a limited duration.
  • After the evaluation of the exam test, the teacher puts the grades into KOS, and informs the students by email. If a student does not agree with the grade, she must contact the teacher ASAP (within 3 work days) and express her disagreement. You can also express your interest in oral exam part. The teacher suggests further options.

Distance exam

Distance exam will be used in extraordinary cases only (pandemics, serious reasons for not being able to the usual contact exam). The following additional conditions then apply:

  • The exam will be done using the online testing facility in BRUTE.
  • During the exam, you will be connected to the BBB room. This will be used to
    • discuss issues before and during the test, for questions and answers, and to
    • ensure a basic level of fairness. During the test, the camera shall point to you (or the place you elaborate your solution with pen and pencil).
  • The exam will NOT be recorded. The teacher decides what to do in controversial situations.
  • If a loss of connectivity occurs during the exam, the student will call the teacher (tel. number will be announced at the beginning of the exam). The teacher will decide if a continuation of the exam is possible; a repetition of the exam at different time is an option.

By enrolling to the distance exam date, you confirm that you have

  • a computer with software needed for the exam (web browser),
  • webcamera,
  • microphone,
  • speakers/headset,
  • data connection with sufficient capacity, speed, and quality for video conference,
  • telephone connection (for the case when the internet connection drops).

Provisional distance exam plan

Assuming the exam shall start at 10am (otherwise modify the times accordingly):

  1. 9:15 Log in to BRUTE for the initial check of student identities, cameras, microphones, and organization guidelines.
  2. 9:30 The test is started. Students elaborate the questions on blank sheets of paper and input the main answers into the online test.
  3. 11:30 The test is closed, no more answers are accepted. (The 2 hours duration may change.) If anybody finishes sooner, he/she is required to stay in front of the camera.
  4. 11:30-12:00 Students make a PDF document containing photos of their paper sheets with the elaboration of the individual questions. It is not allowed to continue elaborating the test. This document must be submitted to BRUTE and will be taken into account during evaluation. The main results submitted in the online test and the results and their derivations on paper sheets must agree. Please, sign each sheet, put a page number there, and mark clearly individual tasks.
  5. 12:00 BRUTE stops accepting the PDF documents.

Creating the PDF with photos of paper sheets

I suggest to create the PDF using your mobile phone. There are probably many applications allowing you to create a PDF with your photos. I have a good experience with the Microsoft Office Lens application. (It seems that Adobe Scan is a similar app, but I have no experience with it.) They allow you to automatically crop and resize/rescale the taken pictures, and to compose them into one larger document.

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