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  • The course is finished with assessment and exam.
  • Students can get more than 100 points during the semester (including bonus points).
  • According to the number of points, the teacher usually proposes the grade according to this table:
Grade F E D C B A
Points less than 50 <50, 60) <60, 70) <70, 80) <80, 90) 90 and more

Points distribution

During the semester, students receive points for the following tasks:

Task You can get up to You must get at least
Homework 1 10 5
Homework 2 10 5
Semestral task: report 30 15
Semestral task: presentation 10 -
Written exam test 40 20
Oral exam 5 -
Total 105 50

Oral exam is optional.

Requirements for individual tasks

  1. Maximum declared amount of points can be awarded ONLY IF the task is submitted before the deadline.
  2. In case of late submission, the score will be reduced by 2 points for each started week of delay (but at most by half of the maximum number of points for the task).
  3. The solutions (source codes, reports, etc.) must be submitted via BRUTE. The deadlines are specified in BRUTE!!!
  4. The functionality of the programs is to be presented to the instructors during the exercises devoted to work on the semestral tasks. In case of homeworks, the necessity to show working programs depends on the decision of instructors.
  5. Students MUST submit all tasks before the last lab exercise. Acceptance of later submissions is in the hands of instructors.

Semestral task

In the second half of semester, students will elaborate a semestral task, that contains:

  1. Implementation of local seach algorithm.
  2. Implementation of a simple evolutionary algorithm.
  3. Implementation of specialized evolutionary algorithm, memetic algorithm, multiobjective algorithm, etc.
  4. Report describing the solution of chosen problem and comparing various approaches to the solution.
  5. Presentation of the solution (optional).


The lecture and lab exercise in the last week will be devoted to the presentations. Their goal is to introduce your chosen problem and solutions to other students. The attendance of these presentations is required! Unjustified absence will mean a deduction of a few points!

We strongly prefer group presentations.

  • Group presentation is a common presentation of 2 and more students. It typically contains:
    • A *very short* introduction to the problem.
    • Description of solution methods, especially the non-standard parts.
    • Presentation of the comparison of the results of individual methods.
    • Conclusion, discussion.
  • Individual presentation is a presentation of a single student. (The contents are similar to group presentation.)

Group presentations are more demanding, but are more suitable for our class:

  • They require coordination/cooperation of the students solving the same task.
  • Presentation of all methods at once, their comparison in one place.
  • Group presentation takes less time than N individual ones.

Requirements for assessment

  1. Regular attendance of lab exercises. Two absences are tolerated.
  2. Demonstration of the working programs for the semestral task.
  3. Submission of the report.
  4. At least 25 points in the prescribed composition (at least minimum number of points for all activities).


Exam consists of written exam test and optional oral exam. Oral exam can be used only when the student's score is close to the level required for the next better grade.

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