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Supporting materials for the lectures of the academic year 2018/2019. The materials are slides, also available in printer safe version as handouts with 2×2 and 3×3 slides on a single page.

These supportive materials are not intended as a replacement of your own notes from the lectures. They are rather provided to help you to understand the studied problems.

1. Course information, introduction to robotics

Jan Faigl 2017/10/02 09:14

2. Robotic paradigms and control architectures

Jan Faigl 2018/10/08 08:35

3. Path and motion planning

Jan Faigl 2018/10/14 19:20

4. Grid and graph-based path planning methods

Jan Faigl 2018/10/22 08:50

Jan Faigl 2017/10/23 09:11 Update: Fixing position of the grid in D* Lite.

5. Randomized sampling-based motion planning methods

Jan Faigl 2018/10/29 08:48

Jan Faigl 2019/01/13 21:22 Fix: Missing and mixed line in the table with properties of the algorithms.

6. Multi-goal planning - robotic variants of the TSP

Jan Faigl 2018/11/05 12:14

7. Data collection planning - TSP(N) and OP(N))

Jan Faigl 2018/10/26 22:55

Jan Faigl 2017/12/29 22:52 Update: Noon-Bean Transformation

8. Data collection planning with curvature-constrained vehicles (DTSP(N) and DOP(N))

Jan Faigl 2018/10/26 23:29 Add note about the GDIP

9. Autonomous navigation

New topic tbdJan Faigl 2018/11/03 17:28

10. Long-term navigation and spatiotemporal mapping

New topic tbdJan Faigl 2018/11/03 17:28

11. Perfect information pursuit evasion games

12. Visibility based pursuit evasion games

13. Patrolling games

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