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Open Motion Planning Library

The Open Motion Planning Library contains implementations of many sampling-based algorithms such as PRM, RRT, EST, SBL, KPIECE, SyCLOP, and several variants of these. It does not rely on any particular collision checking or visualization framework, hence, can be incorporated easily to any application which provide these additional componets.

The installation of the OMPL with python bindings on Ubuntu or Windows subsystem for linux can be done by simply running the installation script as:

./install-ompl-ubuntu.sh --python

The installation of the OMPL with python bindings can take up to several hours as the installer generates all the python bindings. If it keeps printing Still alive… the installation is not stuck.

Further informations on the OMPL Python API and the minimum examples together with more advanced examples can be found here.

Minimum installation by copying python bindings

It is possible to get OMPL working on Ubuntu 16.04 by installing using the minimum install script.
The script copies the necessary libraries into the /usr/local/lib directory and bindings to the /usr/local/lib/python2.7.

The minimum installation works with Python 2.7 only
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