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Lectures and Tutorials


L Date Lecturer Contents Materials
1 20.9. JK Introduction, course map, requirements. Linear regression (continuous dependent variable, simple linear regression, p-values). SAN_intro, SAN_regression, SAN_regression_video
2 27.9. JK Multivariate regression (overfitting, model shrinkage). see the previous slides, SAN_shrinkage_video
3 4.10. JK Nonlinear regression (polynomial regression, splines, local regression). SAN_nlin_regression, SAN_nlin_video
4 11.10. JK Nonlinear regression (polynomial regression, splines, local regression). see the previous slides (and video)
5 18.10. JK Confirmation analysis (ANOVA). SAN_manova, SAN_anova_video
6 25.10. JK Multivariate confirmation analysis (MANOVA). see the previous slides, SAN_manova_video
7 1.11. JK Discriminant analysis (categorical dependent variable, LDA, logistic regression). SAN_discriminant, SAN_disc_dimred_video
8 8.11. JK Dimension reduction (PCA and kernel PCA). SAN_dimred, SAN_dimred_video
9 15.11. JK Dimension reduction (other non-linear methods). see the previous slides (and video)
10 22.11. TP Robust statistics. SAN_robust, SAN_robust_video
11 29.11. ZM Empirical studies, their design and evaluation. Power analysis. SAN_emp_studies_power_analysis
12 6.12. TP Anomaly detection. Anomaly, SAN_anomaly_video
13 13.12. JK Clustering (formalism, k-means, EM GMM, hierarchical). SAN_clustering, SAN_clustering_video
14 3.1. JK Clustering (spectral clustering). SAN_spect_clustering, SAN_spect_clustering_video


T Date Teacher Contents Materials
1 20.9. AVL Programming in R, introduction, dplyr basics. lab1.zip R.pptx
2 27.9. AVL Basic statistics in R, data visualization in R. lab2.zip Statistics and visualization.pptx
3 4.10. AVL Linear regression lab3.zip Linear regression.pptx
4 11.10. AVL Multivariate linear regression lab4.zip demo_exam_question_linreg.pdf
5 18.10. AVL Multivariate non-linear regression lab5.zip assignment1.zip Linear regression 3.pptx san_linreg_solved.pdf
6 25.10. AVL Multivariate confirmation analysis lab6.zip assignment2.zip san_anova_solved.pdf ANOVA.pptx
7 1.11. AVL Discriminant analysis lab7.zip assignment3_lda.zip LDA_LR.pptx
8 8.11. AVL Mid-term test
9 15.11. AVL Dimension reduction lab8.zip, assignment4-dimred.zip Dimensionality reduction.pptx SAN_solved.pdf
10 22.11. TP Robust statistics instruction.pdf
11 29.11. ZM Empirical study design, power analysis empirical_study experiment_data
12 6.12. TP Anomaly detection – assignment. anomaly2.pdf anomaly-problems.zip
13 13.12. Consultations for the final assignment
14 3.1. AVL Clustering lab12.zip SAN_solved.pdf
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