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B4M36SAN -- Statistical Data Analysis


This course builds on the skills developed in introductory statistics courses. It is practically oriented and gives an introduction to applied statistics. It mainly aims at multivariate statistical analysis and modelling, i.e., the methods that help to understand, interpret, visualize and model potentially high-dimensional data. It can be seen as a purely statistical counterpart to machine learning and data mining courses.

Teaching in 2020/2021

The term will start with distant teaching, see the faculty covid summary page. All the course materials will be available at this Courseware page. For online teaching, we will work with MS Teams. The SAN course has already been founded there (Predmet-B201-B4M36SAN), all the students registered in KOS are course members by default too. The students who registered for the English version of the course will join Predmet-B201-B4M36SAN to keep teaching simple. The lectures and labs will start in MS Teams as scheduled in the faculty schedule. Please, join at these time slots.


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