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* If the teaching changes to remote, deviations may occur (midterm importance and handling, etc).

  1. Students can get a maximum of 100 points.
  2. Up to 50 points can be obtained during the semester, another max. 50 points at the written exam.
  3. A minimum of 25 points is required to pass the exam.
  4. Points for the work during the semester can be obtained for:
    • Midterm test (15 points).
    • Solution of tasks assigned at tutorials (35 points).
  5. Assignments:
    • There are 4 regular assignments (5 points each) and the final assignment (15 points).
    • A delayed submission is penalized as follows: less than one week 50% penalty, more than one week 100% penalty.
  6. Midterm test:
    • Test with topics from the first half of the semester, approx. 45 minutes.
    • The test can be taken at a substitute term only in the case of properly excused absence.
  7. Necessary conditions to obtain the credit
    • At least four assignments rated more than zero points (i.e., submitted less than one week after deadline).
    • Attendance - no more than 2 missed tutorials allowed.
    • a minimum 25 points reached for tutorials and midterm test.
  8. Final grade is determined according to the following table:
Points ECTS Grade
100 - 90 A excellent
89 - 80 B very good
79 - 70 C good
69 - 60 D satisfactory
59 - 50 E sufficient
49 and less F failed
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