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20200917 Online seminar about online teaching tools

On September 17, 2020, Dept. of Cybernetics organized an online seminar about the tools for distance teaching. During the meeting, MS Teams and VS Code were demonstrated by Ladislav Serédi (Dept. of Computer Science), BigBlueButton was presented by Petr Pošík (Dept. of Cybernetics).

The seminar was held in English, you can watch the seminar recording.

Apology from the main seminar organizer, Petr Pošík: “During the presentation of MS Teams, I did not manage to ensure that the MS Teams window is properly shared in Zoom and recorded for the whole time. As a result, a big part of the MS Teams presentation is missing from the recording, you can only hear the narration of Dr. Serédi. Due to that, the value of the first part of recording is greatly reduced. I am deeply sorry for that.”

Contents of the recording for better orientation:

  • 0:00:00 Introduction
  • 0:01:40 MS Teams (L. Serédi)
    • 0:01:40 Setup description; why I chose MS Teams
    • 0:07:40 Description of MS Teams interface (MS Teams windows shared and recorded)
    • 0:16:20 MS Teams meeting started
      • 0:18:40-0:22:40 Sound issues (MS Teams probably stole the sound from Zoom)
    • 0:21:00 Screen sharing interrupted! (MS Teams window not recorded.)
    • 0:23:00 Demonstration of shared code editing in MS Teams (Windows to Windows only; Windows to OS X worked too, suprisingly.)
    • 0:31:30 Collaborative writing on whiteboard
    • 0:34:20 WebPaint addon for Chrome to annotate web pages
    • 0:40:20 Screen sharing restored! (MS Teams window recorded again.)
  • 0:42:00 VS Code with Live Share extension (L. Serédi)
    • How to start a collaboration session
    • 0:47:50 Connect to collaboration session via web browser
  • 0:56:20 BigBlueButton (P. Pošík, T. Svoboda)
    • Where to find the rooms (rooms for teaching vs personal rooms)
    • 0:58:00 How to plan a future meeting, how to run a room immediatelly
    • 1:08:30 BBB room opened
    • 1:09:30 BBB interface description, default PDF with white slides for writing, shared white board
    • 1:12:10 Uploading your PDF
    • 1:15:50 Running a quick survey among students
    • 1:18:15 Public and private chat
    • 1:18:50 Promoting an attendee to presenter or moderator
    • 1:19:30 Shared notes
    • 1:20:20 Managing attendees, lock down attendees
    • 1:21:45 Creating subrooms for subgroups, discussions in groups, etc.
    • 1:23:50 BBB settings, leaving the room, closing the room
    • 1:24:40 Q/A
      • 1:24:40 How to have a presentation and a room for writing equations, in the same time, side by side?
      • 1:26:50 Is it possible to be connected to 2 or more BBB rooms at the same time?
      • 1:29:35 When sharing the screen, will it be recorded in sufficient quality?
      • 1:32:10 How to switch between uploaded slides and shared screen?
      • 1:33:40 Formats of recordings, annotated PDF for donwload
      • 1:36:50 Does it crash?
      • 1:39:00 Summary of the BBB purpose, personal comparison of MS Teams and BBB
      • 1:44:45 Using BBB to seminars, passing the presenter to students. Experiences?
      • 1:49:50 Features of BBB polls
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