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HRO – Humanoid robots

Lectures: Matej Hoffmann, Labs: Lukáš Rustler Shubhan Patni Jason Khoury Jakub Rozlivek

The course focuses on “human-centered robotics”: humanoid robots and human-robot interaction. Motivated by the vision of robot companions in our homes, this course introduces humanoid robot technology and its specific challenges and opportunities: (i) design, kinematics and inverse kinematics of humanoids, (ii) multimodal sensing - vision, touch, hearing, inertial sensing, etc., (iii) walking and balancing, and (ii) grasping. The second part of the course centers on human-robot interaction (HRI), which includes physical HRI (safety aspects, collaborative robots) and cognitive/social HRI - how to design robots and behaviors to be acceptable for people.


Ability to write computer programs in C++, Matlab, and Python. Basic knowledge of robot kinematics in the span of bachelor course B3B33ROB1.


The final assesment will be composed of two components: lab assignments and final exam.

Lab assignments

50 points for homework (assignments during comp. labs)

  • At least 25 points for the homework (lab assignments) are needed before going to the final exam.

Final exam


  • Thursday 8.6.2023, 9-11am, KN:E-128
  • Friday 16.6.2023, 9-11am, KN:E-126

The final exam is worth 50 points. Minimum for a non-F grade is 20 points from the final exam.

Note that that you will need to fulfill the criteria specified above - collect points for assignments during the semester. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to take the final exam.

The exam will be:

  • 90 minutes in duration
  • a written exam
  • will not be open book
  • in English. If you feel more comfortable, you can answer in Czech.

Calculators will not be needed.

Tips for exam preparation:

  • Attend lectures, make notes into lecture slides, ask questions.
  • Attend the labs and study there materials.
  • Question types from homework may appear on the exam.


<100-90> (90-80> (80-70> (70-60> (60-50> (50-0>

F means fail.

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