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Lab07 - Dubins Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods - Decoupled Approach

Motivations and Goals
Become familiar with Dubins maneuvers
Become familiar with the Dubins TSP with neighborhoods
Become familiar with its decoupled solution
Tasks (teacher)
T2b-dtspn (5 Points) Implement the decoupled solution for DTSPN
Lab resources
T2b-dtspn resource package

Dubins Vehicle

Decoupled Approach

Slide 36 in Lecture 06

The decoupled approach comprises the following basic steps

  1. Estimate sequence of visits by Euclidean TSP connecting centers of the regions.
  2. For each region, sample boundary points and heading angles.
  3. Find the shortest feasible tour comprising Dubins maneuvers connecting the regions, where the sequence of visits is estimated from the ETSP.
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