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Lab06 - Multi-goal Planning

Motivations and Goals
Become familiar with multi-goal planning
Become familiar with Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods (TSPN)
Become familiar with the Self-organizing Map (SOM) solution of TSPN
Tasks (teacher)
T2a-tspn (5 Points) Implement the Self organizing map solution of TSPN
Lab resources
T2a-tspn resource package

Solving TSPN with Self-organizing Map

Slide 15 from the Lecture 05:

Utilize 'alternate goal' concept for solving TSP with neighborhoods (TSPN). In each epoch, the neurons are adapted towards the goals which inhibits them. But, in the TSPN, the neurons are adapted to the closes point in the specific goal neighborhood. Therefore, this concept enables to find shorter solutions, see the right image and the following GIF with SOM evolution.

Click on the following image to see the SOM evolution in GIF.

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