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Programming problems form previous years.

Directed graphs
Maximum path
Downhill skiing
Travelling circus
Shortcut edges
Increasing Training Load
Reverse an Edge
Leaking canals inspection
Blue Promenades
Express Paths in Directed Graphs

Euler trail
Winter Maintenance Service

Generation of various combinatorial structures
The Mastermind-- Assistant Program
Counting Spanning Trees
The Puzzle
The Deep Caves
Isomorphic permutations
Historical Segmented Belts

Graph isomorphism
Small Graphs Isomorphism
Binary Rooted Tree Isomorphism
Cyclic Isomers
Acyclic Isomers
Acyclic Isomers II
Similar weighted binary rooted trees
Tree isomorphism
Connected Networks
Isomorphism of Tree-Cycle Graphs
Isomorphism of Graphs with Few Cycles

Graph searching
Refactoring of a Simplified Makefile
Maximum Augmenting Sequence
Telescopes connection
Marsh Causeway
Road Trip
Word Game

Minimum spanning trees
Minimum Cascading Spanning Tree
Cable TV
Hedgehog Minimum Spanning Tree
Backup Connection
New advances in gravitational waves observations
Electrification of a rural area
Minimum Spanning Tree with Optimal A-B Connection
Minimum spanning tree in a graph with vertex potentials

Number theory
Linear congruential generator
Counting linear congruential generators
On Certain Lehmer Generators
Sequence Periods of Some Blum Blum Shub Random Number Generators

Priority queues
Building Binomial Heaps

Properties of finite automata and regular languages
Dictionary automaton
PAL distance
Finite and infinite languages
The Word Counter
The NFA Counter
Identification of minimal DFA
Incomplete Automaton
Words with given prefix
Bud words
Intermediate Words

Text searching
Basic Committee Work Model
Text Search
Trains dispatching
Search for a polynomial
String Factorization
Genetic engineering

Older problems in Czech

Directed graphs
CZ Hradlová síť

Generation of various combinatorial structures
CZ Polymino
CZ Šachová koncovka
CZ Shoda stromù

Graph searching
CZ Průměr grafu
CZ Nepostradatelný datový kanál

Minimum spanning trees
CZ Asfaltové silnice
CZ Připojení
CZ Počítačová síť

Priority queue(s)
CZ Výbìr nejlepších položek ve skladu

Text searching
CZ Geny v DNA
CZ Zjednodušené hledání v DNA

Older, less relevant problems (also in Czech)

Minimum directed spanning tree (= optimum branching)
CZ Výstavba potrubní pošty

Pushdown automaton simulation
CZ Zasobníkový automat

CZ Vyhodnocování řetězcových výrazù

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