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Laboratory Exercises

Attendance is mandatory. Laboratory exercise mainly servers to acquire practical experience of the programming skills. The results of partial tasks are available in the upload system: https://cw.felk.cvut.cz/upload/.

The aim of the exercise is to apply the constructs explained in lectures at an example, which is derived from daily-used applications. The C language is used in an embedded system for software developmnet for applications that require fast access to the hardware (controller, data collection). In the exercises, students shall create a system coposed from embedded device and a PC which is capable to sucessfuly exchnage data via serial interface. The objective is to implement a software platform for NUCLEO board and for Linux (text mode). Both applications will communicate through a serial interface which is integral part of the STlink 2.1 debug interface. The NUCLEO implementation will use a state machine to maintain the communication and the PC based app (Linux OS) will use multithreaded approach. The aim of the exercise is to implement a system currently used to connect external hardware (various bus analyzers, cash registers in stores) with a graphical terminal (PC: Windows, Linux, Tablet: Android, MAC OS).

The designed device will allow to:

  • Control the state of the LED light
  • Read the state of the USER button
  • Read the state of the analogue joystick
  • Draw on the display - basic commands - set position, line
  • Read the state of the touchpad

Exercises at glance

#TWeek Week Wednesday
#1 38. 22.09. - lab01
#2 39. 29.09. - lab02
#3 40. 06.10. - lab03
#4 41. 13.10. - lab04
#5 42. 20.10. - lab05
#6 43. 27.10. - lab06
#7 44. 03.11. - lab07
#8 45. 10.11. - lab08
#9 45. 17.11. - Int.students' day
#10 47. 24.11. -lab08 further details
#11 47. 1.12. - lab08 further details
#12 48. 8.12. - lab08 exercise
#13 49. 15.12. - lab10 Question and answer
50. Winter holidays
#14 01. 05.01. - lab13 Homeworks evaluation
05.01. - Ungraded Assessment Deadline!
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