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Classification is according to Studijní a zkušební řád pro studenty ČVUT.

The course is concluded by ungraded assessment credit and exam.

More information on the final exam can be found in the “For students” section - you need to be logged in to view it.

Grade Points Evaluation
A <90, 100> Excellent
B <80, 90) Very Good
C <70, 80) Good
D <60, 70) Satisfactory
E <50, 60) Sufficient
F <0, 50) Fail

Points can be collected from the following categories: homeworks, test, exam test, and implementation part of the exam.

Category Maximum points Required minimum points
Homeworks 60 30
Test 10 0
Exam test 20 10
Exam - implementation part 10 0
Sum 100 40 1)
40 points is F - Fail. For E, at least 50 points have to be collected.
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