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GVG Labs


The GVG labs serves to practice the theoretical concepts from lectures by two means:

  • solving of algebraic problems related to vision geometry; this is without computer, i.e. 'pen-and-paper'
  • solving of practical tasks (home-works) on a real data with computer

Please note, that the main communication channel of the GVG subject is the discussion forum (link at the head of the main page). We are strongly encouraging students to use it. Please contact your teacher directly (via e-mail or other agreed channel) only in concerns that need to be treated in a private way. Also in case of any question please have a look first whether there are same/similar issues already discussed.

Practical home-works

The practical tasks can be solved using either matlab or python. The solution is reviewed by a teacher, but part of the solution is evaluated automatically (a piece of code, data), so it is important to strictly comply with the specification. Your solutions should be uploaded to the BRUTE system. Each homework has a deadline, submission after the deadline is penalized by 10% a day (of maximal points per an assignment), but no more than by 50%.

The task solution can be uploaded at no cost multiple times before the deadline to get a feedback from the automatic evaluation system. After the deadline, the re-upload is penalized with respect to actual time of the last upload. The re-upload is blocked for all but last home-works to avoid rewriting previous work by mistake. If a student ask, we will unblock only his/her particular home-work re-uploading on demand. However, the works already reviewed and evaluated by a teacher are in general not allowed to be re-uploaded.

See the schedule bellow for each homework assignment and deadline. There are at least two weeks between the official assignment (synchronized with lectures) and deadline of each homework. Students are required to study each particular assignment on the CW web. Then, during the lab session, there will be space for questions and discussion regarding the task. We also encouraging to use discussion forum.


Week Date Pen & Paper Test Assignment Deadline
01 15.2. Basic elements of LA Test-α HW-01 Image Coordinate System
02 22.2. Projection matrix Ex-02 HW-02 Projection Matrix
03 01.3. Camera internal calibration Ex-03 HW-03 Camera calibration HW-01
04 08.3. Polynomial solving Ex-04 HW-04a Calibrated pose I HW-02
05 15.3. Test 1 Ex-05 Examplevideo HW-04b Calibrated pose II HW-03
06 22.3. Homography Ex-06 Test 1 HW-05 Homography HW-04a
07 29.3. Projective plane Ex-07videot01-solved HW-06 Panorama HW-04b
08 05.4. Easter monday
09 12.4. Test 2 Example 04-solved HW-07 Autocalibration HW-05
10 19.4. Meet & Join Ex-10 Ex-10-solved Test 2 HW-06
11 26.4. Epipolar geometry Ex-11 t02-solved HW-08 Epipolar geometry HW-07
12 03.5. 3D Reconstruction Ex-12 slides HW-09a 3D reconstruction I
13 10.5. Test 3 Example HW-09b 3D reconstruction II HW-08
14 17.5. Test 3 Solution Test 3 HW-09a
24.5. Exam 01 Solution HW-09b

See Tools repository.

See General Instructions for Submitting GVG Homeworks.

See General Instructions for Creating Graphs and Figures.

See Matlab Help for Typical Situations in Homeworks. Matlab examples, intro

See Python Help for Typical Situations in Homeworks.

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