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General Instructions for Creating Graphs and Figures

Examples below can be generated by plot_example.m or plot_example.py script in the Tools repository.

  • It's recommended to place your figures reasonably; prepare_figure function from the Tools can be used.
  • Do not forget to close your figures when not needed, e.g. close all figures at the beginning of your script.
matlab python
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # assumed in every code bellow
close all plt.close( 'all' )
  • Each figure should a have descriptive title. Usually should be set after other drawing commands.
matlab python
title( 'My title' ) plt.title( 'My title' )
  • When necessary, a legend describing lines of different colors/styles should be added, preferably inside the plot, if possible.
matlab python
plot( …, 'DisplayName', 'Legend 1' ); plt.plot( …, label='Legend 1' )
hold on
plot( …, 'DisplayName', 'Legend 2' ); plt.plot( …, label='Legend 2' )
legend(); plt.legend()

Figures with Bitmap Image Superimposed

  • Show the image with axes.
  • Ensure square pixels.
matlab python
do not use imshow
image( rgb_img ) or imagesc( grayscale_img ) plt.imshow( img )
axis image [*] or axis equal plt.axis( 'image' ) [*] or plt.axis( 'equal' )

[*] This hides area outside the image.

Example image

2D Euclidean Plots

  • Ensure isotropic axis scale
  • Use labels for axes
  • Use text descriptions when needed
matlab python coment
plot( x, y, … ) plt.plot( x, y, … )
axis equal plt.axis( 'equal' ) scale
xlabel( 'x' ); plt.xlabel( 'x' ) labels
ylabel( 'y' ); plt.ylabel( 'y' )
text( x, y, '\alpha' ) plt.plot( x, y, 'a' ) text

Note that Matlab can plot greek numbers using TeX sequences ( '\\alpha', '\\beta', etc.).

3D Euclidean Plots

  • Same requirements as for 3D (scale, labels, …)
matlab python
from mpl_toolkits import mplot3d # 3D facilities, import before the .pyplot
ax = plt.axes( projection='3d' ) # 3D axis must be explicitly created
plot3( x, y, z, … ) ax.plot3D( x, y, z, … )
text( x, y, z, … ) ax.text3D( x, y, z, … )
axis( 'equal' ) plt.axis( 'equal' )
zlabel( 'z' ); ax.set_zlabel( 'z' )
Example 3D Plot

Plotting vectors

  • Bound vectors can be drawn using quiver… functions. Origin (X,Y,Z) and vector coordinates (dX,dY,dZ) must be given.
matlab python
quiver(X,Y,dX,dY,0) [*] plt.quiver(X,Y,dX,dY)
ax = plt.axes( projection='3d' )
quiver3(X,Y,Z,dX,dY,dZ,0) [*] ax.quiver3D(X,Y,Z,dX,dY,dZ)

[*] The scaling argument 0 ensures the arrow is of the proper length.

Example vector plot

Other Graphs

  • Use labels for axes. Don't forget units.
  • Set axis limits tightly to data, set axis to fit the figure.
matlab python
xlabel( 'time [s]' ) plt.xlabel( 'time [s]' )
ylabel( 'distance [m]' ) plt.ylabel( 'distance [m]' )
axis tight
Example graph.
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