HRO – Humanoid robots

Lectures: Matej Hoffmann, Labs: Lukáš Rustler Shubhan Patni Jason Khoury Tomáš Chaloupecký

The course focuses on “human-centered robotics”: humanoid robots and human-robot interaction. Motivated by the vision of robot companions in our homes, this course introduces humanoid robot technology and its specific challenges and opportunities: (i) design, kinematics and inverse kinematics of humanoids, (ii) multimodal sensing - vision, touch, hearing, inertial sensing, etc., (iii) walking and balancing, and (ii) grasping. The second part of the course centers on human-robot interaction (HRI), which includes physical HRI (safety aspects, collaborative robots) and cognitive/social HRI - how to design robots and behaviors to be acceptable for people.


Ability to write computer programs in Python. Basic knowledge of robot kinematics in the span of bachelor course B3B33ROB1.


The final assesment will be composed of two components: lab assignments and final exam.

Lab assignments

50 points for homework (assignments during comp. labs)

  • At least 25 points for the homework (lab assignments) are needed before going to the final exam.

Final exam

The final exam is worth 50 points. Minimum for a non-F grade is 20 points from the final exam.

Note that that you will need to fulfill the criteria specified above - collect points for assignments during the semester. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to take the final exam.

The exam will be:

  • 90 minutes in duration
  • a written exam
  • will not be open book
  • in English. If you feel more comfortable, you can answer in Czech.

Calculators will not be needed.

Tips for exam preparation:

  • Attend lectures, make notes into lecture slides, ask questions.
  • Attend the labs and study there materials.
  • Question types from homework may appear on the exam.


<100-90> (90-80> (80-70> (70-60> (60-50> (50-0>

F means fail.

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