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The following python3 packages are required. Use, e.g., pip3 to install them.

pip3 install numpy
pip3 install matplotlib
pip3 install Dijkstar
pip3 install dubins
pip3 install sklearn
pip3 install scikit-image

Robotic Simulator CoppeliaSim/V-REP

CoppeliaSim (formarly V-REP) is a powerful cross-platform 3D simulator based on a distributed control architecture: control programs (or scripts) can be directly attached to scene objects and run simultaneously in a threaded or non-threaded fashion. It features advanced physics engines which allows to simulate real-world physics and object interactions (collisions, object dynamics, etc.).

CoppeliaSim control methods
CoppeliaSim Python remote API documentation
CoppeliaSim C++ remote API documentation

CoppeliaSim Python remote API tutorial

Hexapod model for CoppeliaSim/V-REP

PhantomX MarkII hexapod robot
Hexapod model

Hexapod servos numbering:

LP Solvers

LP solver is needed for the game theory tasks. Upload system works with Gurobi. A guide for Gurobi is available on the Combinatorial Optimization course pages.

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