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B4M36UIR and BE4M36UIR - Artificial Intelligence in Robotics

In case of illness or quarantine, please contact the Main Point of Contact (POC) to adjust the penalty for late submission of the relevant homeworks. Pre-recorded lectures can be found in the section For students/Lecture Records 2020.


Consulting hours E-mail Room
Jan Faigl appointment by email faiglj@fel.cvut.cz KN:E-333a Lecturer Course Head
Stefan Edelkamp appointment by email edelkste@fel.cvut.cz Lecturer
Miloš Prágr appointment by email pragrmi1@fel.cvut.cz KN:E-331 Instructor Main Point of Contact (POC)
Jiří Kubík appointment by email kubikji2@fel.cvut.cz KN:E-331 Instructor
David Milec appointment by email milecdav@fel.cvut.cz KN:E-326 Instructor
Jakub Sláma appointment by email slamajak@fel.cvut.cz KN:E-332 Instructor
David Valouch appointment by email valoudav@fel.cvut.cz KN:E-331 Instructor
Jindřiška Deckerová appointment by email deckejin@fel.cvut.cz KN:E-332 Instructor
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