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Lecture Date Lecturer Topics Slides References
1 14.2. JK Intro, sample bioinformatics tasks. intro
2 21.2. JK Sequencing algorithms, fragment assembly. assembly Nagarajan13, Compeau11
3 28.2. JK Biological sequence alignment. alignment Durbin's book, ch 2,6
4 7.3. JK BLAST algorithm and its modifications. multi align, BLAST Altschul97
5 14.3. JK Phylogenetic trees, hierarchical clustering. phylogeny Durbin's book, ch 7
6 21.3. JK Phylogenetic trees, parsimony and probabilistic methods. see the previous lecture Durbin's book, ch 8
7 28.3. JK Markov models, Markov chains. Markov chains Durbin's book, ch 3
8 4.4. JK Hidden Markov models, profile HMMs, gene finidng. HMMs Burge97, HMM_algs
9 11.4. JK Gene expression profiling. DGE Love14
- 18.4. - Easter Monday
10 25.4. JK Gene ontology, gene/protein function prediction. Gene ontology GOingStrong19, GOLabeler, GSEA
11 2.5. JK RNA secondary structure prediction RNA secondary Eddy04, Durbin's book, ch 9,10
12 9.5. JK Modeling of higher protein structures, protein databases. Protein folding AlphaFold, Dill12, Rost98, Lathorp96, Threading
13 16.5. JK Motif discovery. Motif discovery Dhaeseleer06
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