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Distant form of teaching

Lectures are organized using Zoom

Labs are organized using MS Teams.

If you download and run Teams, in the Teams bookmark you should be able to see at least one of the following teams

  • Predmet-B201-B4M36UIR
  • Predmet-B201-BE4M36UIR.

Predmet-B201-B4M36UIR corresponds to the first lab (101), which starts at 14:30. This lab is held in Czech.

Predmet-B201-BE4M36UIR corresponds to the second lab (102), which starts at 16:15. This lab is held in English. Please note that even if you are registered for the Czech version of UIR, i.e., B4M36UIR, you need to use the Predmet-B201-BE4M36UIR team to connect to the second lab. Therefore, we will add all the B4M36UIR students to Predmet-B201-BE4M36UIR, so that you can chose which lab to attend.

After opening your respective team, you should be able to see the “Labs - Czech” or Labs - English“ channel, respectively. The respective lab calls will be created in these channels few minutes before the start of the lab.

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