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Project 1b: Fetal acidosis classification

Editted on 14.04.2020 - JS - added report checklist.

The goal of the task is to create a fetal acidosis classifier.

You should submit

  • Python module fetal_acidosis_classification.py with the model of your choice,
  • report describing what you have done, and
  • Python modules/scripts demonstrating what you have done.

Make sure that your report contains all relevant information report checklist.

The code in fetal_acidosis_classification.py will be used to assess the quality of your filter, and for the contest of all filters. The report may be in Czech or in English, shall have the form of a scientific article, it should be concise, self-contained, showing everything the author wants to show.

This task is individual. Teams are not allowed.

Deadline: Find the exact date in BRUTE.

Late policy: late solutions will be penalized by 4 points for each started week of delay.

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