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Students exam questions

During the semester, students shall suggest exam questions. A teacher will evaluate each proposed question, and if the question is accepted, the proponent will get 1 point. Each student must collect 3 points for accepted exam questions!

"OMG, why do they want this from us?"

If you want to learn something, teach it!

By trying to find, formulate, and solve suitable exam questions, you will review, clarify, and strenghten various concepts from the lectures.

The list of accepted questions will be open to all students during the whole course and will serve as an additional learning material.

Moreover, the written exam will consist of

  • 50 % of questions created by a teacher, and
  • 50 % of questions proposed by students themselves (and authorized by a teacher).

Requirements for the proposed questions

The goals that drive all the subsequent requirements:

  • The preparation of exam question should be useful for question author.
  • The created question shall be useful for other students.

The requirements:

  • The questions/tasks must be related to the course contents. The submission of all questions shall contain a pointer to the part of the course materials the question tries to test (typically, lecture name + slide number, book + page number, or similar info).
  • The questions must be sufficiently different from the existing ones. If a submitted question is too similar to one submitted earlier, the first gets the point, the later is not accepted.
  • Questions shall be formulated and submitted in Czech or English language.
  • The questions should be reasonable, not trivial.
  • The submissions must contain the question, its solution, and suggestion for evaluation (how should the answer be evaluated, what must be present in the answer to be judged as correct, whether a partial solution is possible and how to evaluate it, etc.).
  • The question formulation and the solutions shall be unambigous and clear.
  • Questions can have any form, but the following types are encouraged:
    • Open questions. The answer is expected in the form of a free-form text, figure, etc. The proposed evaluation must be well prepared, especially in case of this question type.
    • Multiple choice questions. The options should make sense, the wrong choices must not be “obviously wrong”. The answer must not only state which options are correct, but it must also justify why the others are wrong.
    • Computational task. A particular task where some quantity shall be calculated on the basis of other qiven quantities, using a pen, paper, and maybe a calculator. The solution must contain the whole computation leading to the desired result.
    • Other types of question are possible too, but similar rules apply.
  • Only a single question out of all accepted from a given student can be of the type where the answer can be directly read in the slides or book; these often start with “Define <something>”, “Describe <something>”, “What is <something>”, etc.
  • If you find a suitable question/task in a literature, or on the internet, you can submit it too, but you have to include (in addition to the solution and the evaluation) the reference to the original source.

When can a proposed exam question be rejected

The teacher will reject a proposed question if the question

  • does not bring much to the students,
  • is not sufficiently related to the course contents,
  • is too similar to existing one,
  • is too trivial, unclear, ambiguous,
  • does not contain the solution or proposal for evaluation,
  • is submitted for the topic (lecture) which is already sufficiently covered with many (10) accepted questions.

The acceptance of a submitted exam question is totally in the hands of the teachers. We will try to be generous, and if a not perfect question with a good idea will be submitted, we will help you to elaborate it to an acceptable state.

How to submit

Prepare the question in a document available online (Google Docs, LaTeX/PDF on gitlab, on Overleaf, etc.) and submit a link via this form. Info about submitted/accepted/rejected exam question can be found in this table.

Submit questions right from the beginning of the semester!

  • If you have an idea, submit it early, while it is fresh in your head.
  • Teachers need some time to process the submissions.
  • If everybody submits his/her questions at the end of the semester, the list of accepted questions will not contain up-to-date info, and you will have no idea whether your question is unique, submitted to a free topic, etc., i.e. whether it will be accepted or not.
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