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Course schedule

1st week: What is Matlab and why to learn it. Course details, literature, the start of MATLAB. Software environment, documentation, matrices in MATLAB, matrix operations, complex numbers.

2nd week: MATLAB editor, creation of scripts, functions for generating vectors/matrices, creation of more complicated matrices, operations on matrices, operations by elements, introduction to vectorization, a dimension of matrices.

3rd week: Indexing, linear indexing, relational and logical operators, homework.

4th week: Cycles, cycles vs. vectorization, program branching.

5th week: User functions, function handles, anonymous functions, nested functions, debugging, homework.

6th week: Data type cell, test strings, data type String, data type struct, first test (zadání: course_conditions, submition:

7th week: Visualization in MATLAB, LineSpec , suitable sampling for drawing graphs, project selection (List of projects)

8th week Static GUI.

9th week: Dynamic GUI, homework.

10th week: Time functions, timer, sorting, profiler.

11. týden: Set operations, element search, error handling, I/O.

12. týden: Bonuses - Basics of symbolic calculations, p-code, numerical precision, code publishing, code style in MATLAB.

13. týden: Reserve

14. týden: Final test, project presentation, discussion. credit assignments.

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