Course conditions

  • Max. 2 absences, more absences allowed only in very serious and justified cases (without reducing the requirements for knowledge),
  • obtaining at least 50% of points from the continuous test and homework in the semester, i.e. 15 out of 30 points,
  • passing a final test with at least 50% success, i.e. 10 out of 20 points,
  • by the set deadline, submit a project, which will be presented to the class in the next lesson and the teacher will evaluate it according to the set criteria to at least 50% of points, ie 25 out of 50 points.

The final evaluation (A-E) is based on the sum of points obtained in the first tests, homework, final test and project.

Overview of evaluation in the MATLAB course

Method of awarding the point

Homework 1 Homework 2 First test Homework 3 Final test Project Sum
Max. points 10 10 15 10 20 50 115
Min. points 15 0 25 50

Method of evaluation

The final grade ECTS grade Points Number grade
Excellent A 90-115 1
Very good B 80-89 1,5
Good C 70-79 2
Satisfactory D 60-69 2,5
Sufficient E 50-59 3
Failed F 0-49 4

First test (max. 15 points)

The test takes place in the 6th week of the semester. It is designed as a solution to an academic-technical problem, or a mathematical problem (knowledge of mathematical analysis and algebra is not required). The test is usually divided into two groups. It examines the student's ability to understand assignments, make logical balance, and work independently. The correctness of execution, efficiency, and readability of the code is evaluated. MATLAB documentation and own notes are allowed. It is not allowed to use the knowledge of other students, nor resources from the Internet and social networks. The evaluation of the test is included in the overall evaluation of the student.

  • You will have almost unlimited time to think about the assignment and 15 minutes to write.
  • For this reason, the test is written until the end of the lecture.
  • A strict deadline is set in the submission system.
  1. Save the solution file as FEL_username.m (
  2. After the specified time has elapsed, the code must be uploaded to the submission system.

Final test (max. 20 points)

The final test is written without the possibility of using the MATLAB programming environment. It examines the student's ability to think through the logic of MATLAB, estimating the results of individual commands and the student's knowledge of elementary syntaxes - such as filling in the function header.

  • You will have 20 minutes to write the test containing 20 questions with A-D answers. Only one answer is always correct.
  • Test will be distributed as *.pdf file to you via an university e-mail at the beginning of the lecture. Be sure that you can login to your e-mail (remember your password).
  • It is possible to fill the test only the PCs in the lecture room. Not on your notebooks.
  • Do not fill the test directly in internet browser. Save the file on the disc and open it using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Evaluation of the test will be proceed automatically.
  • An example of the test: CZ EN. Adobe Acrobat Reader needed.

Project (max. 50 points)

The final project shows the student's ability to apply newly acquired knowledge/experience to solve specified problems. It is not necessary to do complicated numerics but to prove knowledge of syntax, principles, and rules of programming in MATLAB.

  1. The project must be uploaded within the set deadline to submission system.
  2. In the next lecture, you will have 3 minutes to present the project (a presentation for about 3 slides is possible) and show the interest of the solution.
  3. Teachers will evaluate the project according to the set criteria.

What if...

I can't write the first test in my class

  • after agreement with the teacher, you will write the test individually during the next lesson

I can't write a final test in the last week of the semester

  • in rare cases and after an apology, contact the teacher and arrange an alternative date

I will not have time to redo/complete the project by the end of the last week of the semester

  • if you are not satisfied with the number of points awarded for the project in the last week, you can correct the project
  • the project will then be possible to submit during the examination period (there will be probably two extra appointment)
  • dates and places will be specified
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