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The course takes place every Monday (B0B17MTB) and every Wednesday (BE0B17MTB) from 16:15 to 18:30 in the room T2: A3-412 in Dejvice (unless stated otherwise on the title page).

Semester schedule: See slide 6 and 7...

List of useful MATLAB functions

Course schedule

1st week

Topic: What is Matlab and why to learn it. Course details, literature, the start of MATLAB. Software environment, documentation, matrices in MATLAB, matrix operations, complex numbers.

Materials: Course Information, Lecture 0 - About MATLAB, Lecture 1 - Basic math operations

Solutions: Lecture 1 (solutions)

2nd week

Topic: MATLAB editor, creation of scripts, functions for generating vectors/matrices, creating more complicated matrices, operations on matrices, operations by elements, introduction to vectorization, and determination of dimension of matrices.

Materials: Lecture 2 - Vectors & Matrices

Solutions: Lecture 2 (solutions)

3rd week

Topic: Indexing, linear indexing, relational and logical operators.

Materials: Lecture 3 - Indexing, Relational and Logical Operators

Solutions: Lecture 3 (solutions)

Homework: Submission system (BRUTE), HW 1 - Assignment, Grader

4th week

Topic: Cycles, cycles vs. vectorization, program branching.

Materials: Lecture 4 - Loops, Program Branching

Solutions: Lecture 4 (solutions)

5th week

Topic: User functions, function handles, anonymous functions, nested functions, debugging.

Materials: Lecture 5 - Functions, Debugging

Solutions: mtb_solution_w05.m, fibonacci.m, fibonaccifcn.m, band_wheel.m, binarysearch.m, newton_method.m, exp_approx.m

6th week

Topic: Data type cell, test strings, data type String, data type struct .

Materials: Lecture 6 - Data Types: Cell, String, and Structure

Solutions: mtb_solution_w06.m, cuboid.m

Homework: Submission system (BRUTE), HW 2 - Assignment, Grader

7th week

Topic: Visualization in MATLAB, LineSpec , suitable sampling for drawing graphs, graphical objects.

Materials: Lecture 7 - Visualization

Solutions: mtb_solution_w07.m

Project: Project selection

8th week

Topic: Static GUI.

Materials: Lecture 8 - Static GUI

Solutions: mouseutilitygui.m

9th week

10th week

Topic: Time functions, timer, sorting, profiler.

Materials: Lecture 10 - Timer, Sorting, Finding

Solutions: Lecture 10 solutions, Example of a simple game

11th week

Topic: Set operations, element search, error handling, I/O. Lecture 11 - Set operations, Data treatment

Materials: Lecture 11 - Set operations, Data treatment measurement1.xlsx Example of a simple class


12th week

Topic: Bonuses - Basics of symbolic calculations.

Materials: Lecture 12


13th week

Topic: Reserve



14th week

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