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Matlab -- B0B17MTB, BE0B17MTB

The course introduces students to the Matlab environment and develops the ability to solve simple problems they will face during their studies and subsequent practice. Students will be acquainted with all the essential parts of Matlab, which outlines, e.g. MathWorks Certification Program.


Students will learn how to efficiently use basic and advanced Matlab functions, including graphic user interface design. Emphasis will be put on problem analysis and implementation, understanding Matlab documentation, debugging user-defined functions, and independent work with Matlab (proved by work on the project). Knowledge acquired can be applied to a broad spectrum of courses taught at FEE (processing labs, final projects) and used in a future professional career.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic programming concepts is necessary (high school level is sufficient). Completion of introductory mathematics courses is an advantage (1st semester).


Elective course (type F / V), led by computer laboratories (3 hours of computer laboratories, theory combined with practice)

Links on the description of the course: B0B17MTB, BE0B17MTB

Extent of teaching

0+3 (lectures + laboratories) / week

4 credits, KZ (graded assessment)


If you are considering enrolling in a course, do not write it down like “a pig in a poke” - below are examples of a selected lecture:


Use the e-mail matlab@fel.cvut.cz to send solutions to bonus exercises, apologies, or general questions about the Matlab course.

To arrange consultations on specific semester projects, contact individual teachers.

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