Selected projects for summer semester 23/24: spreadsheet

Project evaluation criteria

The evaluation of the project is influenced by a number of factors. The following will be evaluated:

Criterion Max no. of points Note
1. Program functionality 10 The program must generate some results that should match the assignment.
2. Syntax used 10 Use of MATLAB built-in functions, vector x matrix operations, logical indexing, atomization of functions, comments, readability of code.
3. Error debugging 10 Checking and validation of individual inputs with error message control, especially when setting via GUI.
4. Graphical user interface 10 Demonstrate the ability to build a GUI by defining graphical objects, using callback functions, and appropriate data management. Only UI components (uifigure, uibutton, uiaxes, …) are allowed!
5. Time efficiency 10 Elimination of cycles, allocation of variables, vectorization. Can be checked using the profile () function.
  • Except by prior agreement, the final project is completely independent of any MATLAB (3rd party) toolbox.
  • The use of global variables will be accepted in exceptional and well-justified cases.
  • Each criterion must be evaluated with a non-zero number of points.
  • The minimum total number of points from the project is 25 points.

We will gradually teach you all these skills in the basic form in the course (see schedule), in addition, you will be able to consult regularly. We highly recommend consulting the project on an ongoing basis The project does not have to be factually difficult or extensive - it is quite sufficient to see from the submitted segment of (functional) code what the student has learned in the subject.

The evaluation of projects will take into account the fact that this is an introductory course.

List of projects

List of selected projects from previous semesters

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