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Presentation hints

Basic hints to the VGE presentation:

  1. Contents
    • Title + author + introductory image
    • motivation - your personal, why to use such an algorithm
    • principles - in your own words and pictures, as you would explain it to the friend (Can you explain it as an extension of another algorithm already known to students?)
    • algorithm example animation
    • algorithm details
    • comparison to other approaches, if known (especially if a better approach exists)
    • conclusion + final image or video
  2. Layout
    • font >= 20pt
    • Title + 7 lines
    • images when possible
    • it is each time possible
    • font on images min 12pt, 20pt is better
    • page numbers (reference during discussion)
  3. links to herout.net (focused on theses defense, but not only…)
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