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Distance Learning, Organization

Please take care about received e-mails. Monitor subject page before regular lectures time for case that some e-mail is lost. There is setup discussion forum for the subjects. MS Teams group will be setup as well.

Subscription to the News thread of the forum is mandatory and should be automatic for all enrolled students. All organization emails for whole study group will be posted through forum to ensure that they can be find even in case, that some e-mail is lost.

We will be using BRUTE study system for three homework/semester works submission.

We will use local BigBlueButton instance which is integrated into BRUTE system. You can setup your own mutual meetings in our system as well and you can be sure that your communication is not analyzed by any advertising corporate artificial intelligence or other agencies.

Literature access

A basic textbook that is the mostly a prerequisite for the subjects topics is a book Computer Organization and Design, The HW / SW Interface by professors Patterson and Hennessy. It is available in the fourth (MIPS) edition to CTU students in an electronic form via the https://dialog.cvut.cz/ service. To access, select Prosím, vyberte si svou univerzitu: option České vysoké učení technické, fill in your login details and confirm. Then select the source Knovel and enter the book authors names into the search entry, limit the search list to books only (first Book/Text and then Book) and you can read the content. About 30 pieces has been bought by Department of Computer Science, Department of Control Engineering and Department of Cybernetics for our students in a paper form and are available from CTU library. The sixth edition is scheduled for availability 2 November 2020.

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