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http://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/~zimmerk Karel Zimmermann head of the labs.
http://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/~petrito1 Tomas Petricek is the ICP SLAM lab tutor.
http://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/~salanvoj/ Vojtech Salansky is the Deep learning lab tutor.
http://people.ciirc.cvut.cz/skovirad/ Radoslav Škoviera is the ROS tutor.
http://people.ciirc.cvut.cz/holesond/ Robert Pěnička is the exploration and path planning tutor.


Labs takes place in E-132 every Tuesday and Thursday. Labs consist of 7 regular labs intended for practical exercises, 5 optional lessons intended for semestral work consultations, last two labs are intended for semestral work demonstrations. Participation in the regular labs and in one of the demonstration lab is mandatory. The content of regular labs is the implementation of a solution to a defined problem such as localization, planning or object detection (see the program for details). Solution to the problem has to be demonstrated to the lab tutor not later than 7 days after the labs at which it was assigned. If a correct solution of the problem is demonstrated before homework deadline, the solution is rewarded by points. The code containing your solution of the homework should be uploaded via the upload system.


labs date tutor labs plan links
1 17.2./20.2. 2019 Rado Intro to ROS I slides
2 24.2./27.2. 2020 Rado Intro to ROS II slides lab showcase pkg
homework HW_bagfile
3 5.3./9.3. 2020 Robert Planning and exploration slides homework template source files
4 12.3./16.3. 2020 corona holidays
5 19.3. 2020 corona holidays
6 23.3./26.3. 2020 Tomas ICP SLAM notes and assignment
source codes
slides on tf (recap)
7 30.3./2.4. 2020 Vojta Deep Learning I (PyTorch) slides and hw assignment
8 6.4./9.4. 2020 Vojta Deep Learning II (Object detection) hw assignment
9 13.4./16.4. 2020 Tomas Semestral work - Frontier-based Exploration
10 20.4./23.4. 2020 Tomas Semestral work - Frontier-based Exploration
11 27.4./30.4. 2020 Tomas Semestral work - Frontier-based Exploration
12 4.5./7.5. 2020 Tomas Semestral work - Frontier-based Exploration
13 11.5./14.5. 2020 Tomas? ?
14 18.5./21.5. 2020 Tomas? ?
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