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Remote Access to Lab Computers

To access the lab computers remotely, we suggest the methods described below. See more information if the suggested methods don't work.

Get a Computer

The lab computers are typically not running. To start a computer,
ssh student@turtle.felk.cvut.cz (password xxx)
and select the lab you like to get a computer from. You'll be assigned a computer which you can connect to with one of the following methods (after waiting a minute or so). The computer will be started if it is not already running.

Note that the computer may still be shared with other students. If so, try getting another computer, or set your own roscore port to avoid conflicts.


SSH client PuTTY can be used on Windows.

Connect to the target-computer you got above using a jump host (flag -J) and your username:
ssh -Y -J username@turtle.felk.cvut.cz username@target-computer
Flag -Y enables trusted X11 forwarding.

Then, you can directly run X applications. On Windows, you'll need to install an X server, e.g. Xming.

Using the remote desktop below may be preferred as it provides full access to the computer and works better on low-quality connections.

Remote Desktop

Connect to the target-computer you got above:
ssh -Y -J username@turtle.felk.cvut.cz username@target-computer

Start a desktop window manager accessible via Xpra:
remote-desktop start xpra

Later, to list running desktops:
remote-desktop list
Or, to kill desktop on display :1:
remote-desktop stop 1

On your computer, download and install an Xpra client. (The version in the default Ubuntu 18.04 repository does not support proxy host.)

Run the client. Connect to the session started above, using mode SSH → SSH and proxy turtle.felk.cvut.cz.

More Information

For more details, see

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