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Labs consist of 11 regular labs intended for practical exercises and last two labs are intended for demonstrations of the semestral work on the real TurtleBots. Active participation in the regular labs is mandatory. The content of regular labs is the implementation of algorithms, which solve well defined sub-problems of the semestral work such as localization, mapping and planning (see the program for details). Most of the regular labs are accompanied by homework. If a homework is uploaded after the deadline, it is rewarded by lower amount of points, proportional to the delay. Semestral work deadline is before the beginning of the labs in the 13th week for simulation part. If the solution of the semestral work is uploaded after the deadline, it is rewarded by 0 points. Both homework and semestral work should be uploaded via the upload system. Practical part of the semestral work will be demonstrated in labs during the last two weeks of the semester. Uploading your own solution of homework and the semestral work (which satisfy minimum requirements - it does what it should do) is a mandatory credit requirement. Homework and the semestral work can be solved either using your own laptop or using the workstations in E130 lab or in E132 classroom .

You can collect up to 50 points for the labs: 30 points for homeworks (5 points each x 6), 10 points for semestral work in simulation and 10 points for semestral work on real robots.

We will also announce various options how to get a few bonus points during the semester.

Program 2024

labs date tutor labs plan links
1 19.2./22.2. Robert Intro to ROS I (E-132) Lab1 , hw1 (5p)
2 26.2./29.2. Robert Intro to ROS II (E-132) Lab2 , hw2 (5p)
3 4.3./7.3. Karel Factor graphs (E-132)
4 11.3./14.3 Martin ICP SLAM (E-132) Lab4, hw3 (5p)
5 18.3./21.3. M+B+F Real robot work + Semestral work Assignment (E-130) Robots , Semestral work (20p)
6 25.3./28.3. Martin Factor graphs vs. EKF (E-132) Lab6 , hw4 (5p)
7 8.4./4.4. Robert Intro to ROS III + debugging (E-130)
8 15.4./11.4. Vit Path following (E-132) Lab8, hw5 (5p)
9 22.4./18.4. Vojtech Planning (E-132) You can stay home!!
10 29.4./25.4. Frantisek Path planning and frontier detection (E-132) hw6 (5p)
11 6.5./2.5. All Work with real robots (E-130)
12 13.5./16.5. All Demonstration on real robots (E-130)
13 20.5./23.5. All Demonstration on real robots (E-130)

Lecturers Martin Pecka is head of the labs and localization labs tutor and can help with ROS-related questions. František Nekovář is exploration path planning lab tutor. Robert Pěnička ROS tutor. Vít Krátký is the exploration and path following lab tutor. Bedřich Himmel is technical support staff
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