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Tips for using AI in teaching

This shall be a growing list of practical tips of how AI can help us, teachers. If you have a tip, pls. send it to petr.posik@cvut.cz.

  • Check the clarity of specifications.
    • If you have e.g. a programming task described by text, you can try to copy its specifications to AI tool and have it solve the task.
    • If AI provides a wrong solution, it shall give you an idea what shall be described better, and you can improve the specifications.
    • If AI solves the task correctly, then the description is probably sufficiently clear.
    • Downside: this check can be used only for tasks solvable by AI tool, which may in certain situations disqualify the task itself from further usage.
  • Let AI tool generate questions for a quiz/test.
    • Create a correct function in your programming language, perhaps using non-descriptive names of variables.
    • Use the following prompt: “I have the following function in <insert language>: <insert the function code> Propose 10 quiz questions related to various aspects of this function. For each question, generate one correct and several incorrect answers.”
    • Choose those suggestions that have a pedagogical value.

For students

  • Use AI to create parsers when given examples of input and output data.
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