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The aim of labs is to familiarize students with the design and implementation of parallel algorithms and to practice the theory from lectures. The tasks are proposed in a way that enables to test/debug/run them on conventional computers. For the purpose of computationally demanding experiments, we arranged the access to Metacentrum.

Attendance at labs is not compulsory with exception of lab 14. However, the attendance is strongly recommended. Our goal is to improve students' knowledge of parallel algorithms, not just to record presence.

Plan of the Labs

n. Topic Notes Handouts Other materials
1 Introduction to parallel programming, environment setting introduction.pdf metacentrum_signup.pdf metacentrum_tutorial.zip
2 Cpp11 threads, part 1 cpp_threads_1.pdf2_lab_codes_skeletons.zip 2_lab_codes_solutions.zip
3 Cpp11 threads, part 2 cpp_threads_2.pdf 3_lab_codes_skeletons.zip 3_lab_codes_solutions.zip
4 Assignment of the semester project + HW1 hw1_assignment.pdf semester_project.pdf lu.pdf hw1_public_instances.zip hw_1_code_skeletons.zip semproj_code_skeleton.zip semproj_public_test_cases.zip
5 OpenMP, part 1 openmp_1.pdf 5_lab_codes_skeletons.zip 5_lab_codes_solutions.zip OpenMP cheatsheet
6 OpenMP, part 2 openmp_2.pdf 6_lab_codes_skeletons.zip 6_lab_codes_solutions.zip
7 HW2 hw2_assignment.pdf hw_2_code_skeletons.zip hw2_public_test_cases.zip
8 Semester project - consultation
9 MPI, part 1 mpi.pdf 9_lab_codes_skeletons.zip 9_lab_codes_solutions.zip
10 MPI, part 2 and HW3 mpi.pdf hw3_assignment.pdf hw_3_code_skeletons.zip hw3_public_test_cases.zip
11 Semester project - consultation
12 Semester project - consultation
13 Semester project - consultation
14 Presentations of semester projects, student assessment Attendance is mandatory

Classroom computers

OS: Debian Linux 64b, select “DCE PXE” (without number) during booting

Login: username + main CTU password (the one you use for KOS)

Development environments: CLion (C++), Visual Studio Code, GVim, Eclipse, Geany are installed. CLion is installed in /opt and its license have to be activated (use your JetBrains account).

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