Here we assume you have installed Python 3.11 (for SS 2023/24).

Installation of required packages

You need to have the following python3 packages:

  • pillow, if you want to load maze maps from bitmap images, and
  • tkinter, if you want to use the visualization capabilities.

You can get these packages by running these commands from your terminal (preferably from a virtual environment, or a conda environment):

# On Linux
sudo apt-get install python3-pil.imagetk python-tk
# On Mac with Homebrew package manager
pip3 install gym numpy
pip3 install Pillow
brew install python-tk
# On Windows
pip3 install Pillow

Installation of kuimaze2

  1. Create a working directory somewhere on your drive. (We suggest a separate working directory for each of the tasks you will work on.) Here we assume this directory is called, e.g., kui-task.
  2. There 2 ways to get kuimaze2 module to your system: via git, or using ZIP file:
    • Using git:
      1. Ensure you have git installed. If git is not accessible on your system, install it.
      2. Clone the kuimaze repository:
        cd kui-task
        git clone .
        Mind the last .: it tells git to clone the repository into the current working directory. If you omit the ., it will create a subdirectory kui-maze2 with the repository content (which is NOT the preferred way here).
    • Using ZIP file:
      1. Download the codes from KUI Maze 2 student repo as ZIP file (or download directly directly.
      2. Inside that archive, you will find kui-maze2-main folder. Extract the contents of that folder into kui-task folder. (You should not see kui-maze2-folder in kui-task folder.)
  3. Now, in your kui-task, you shall see (among other things) a directory called kuimaze2 with a bunch of Python files. You shall be able to work on your solution in the kui-task directory. Python scripts/programs stored and run in this directory shall by able to
    import kuimaze2
    and other needed symbols provided by that module.
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