EuroTeQ Info

This course is offered also to EuroTeQ students in a hybrid/online fashion.

  • Lectures:
    • Delivered in a hybrid way. They are streamed during the lecture, and recorded for later viewing.
    • We use BigBlueButton (BBB) tool which is part of BRUTE system. BBB runs in browser, so you do not need any special equipment to take part; but if you want to ask questions by voice (not in the chat), you need a working microphone.
    • The online lecture room will always be opened 15 minutes before the lecture. You shall get an invitation email with the links (i) when the conference room planned, and (ii) when the conference room opens.
    • The timeslot for lectures is fixed and cannot be moved; if you cannot attend the online lectures in this timeslot, you should watch the lecture recording later. Ask questions via discussion forum, or email.
  • Lab sessions are either hybrid, or online only (depending on the number of EuroTeQ students).
    • If they are hybrid, they run together with the scheduled lab session for the presence participants, i.e., in a similar way as lectures (see above).
    • If there is enough EuroTeQ participants, the labs are delivered online, separately from the presence participants. In that case we try to agree on a suitable time slot with EuroTeQ students before the start of the semester.
    • If you cannot attend the lab sessions, contact the lab instructor and discuss the possibility of self-study supported by individual consultations.
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