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Assignment #1 - Classical Planning

The first assignment for the PUI class is going to be related to classical planning. We want you to go from the definition and modeling of a problem to parsing and processing it. And then implement a domain-independent planner that will be able to solve it together with many different problems using classical planning algorithms and heuristics.

This homework should give you better understanding of the process of designing a planner and also clear out the motivation behind it. Every task in this assignment you complete will be needed further on.


Assignment 1 consists of 3 separate tasks

The points for every task are

  • PDDL - 5 points
  • Grounding - 10 points
  • Planner - 15 points

In total you can get 30 points for this assignment.


Every task is mandatory and has to be submitted in BRUTE according to the given instructions. The given deadlines are hard deadlines. It is not possible to submit the task after the given deadline.


This is the first year of running this assignment so if you have any feedback on it and see ways to improve it, please fill it in a feedback form or contact your tutor Michaela Urbanovsk√° directly by email.

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