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Computer Lab 01, first steps

  • logon to PCs (or use your own laptops)
  • see the checklist for visiting/foreign students here. All-in-one page for all the CTU passwords you will ever need - here.
  • course policy
  • individual work, what does it mean, can I use web resources? Check the plagiarism_cheating

Upload system - BRUTE

  • Familiarize yourself with the BRUTE Upload system.
  • Create an ASCII file answer.txt. It must have exactly 3 rows and one of the letters a,b,c on each. Each letter can appear only once.
  • Log in to upload system (username and password are the same as for faculty information system) and upload the file answer.txt (task 00_Test)

practical work

  • start PyCharm
  • immediate mode - Python console
  • script mode - how to run the program
  • simple printing


  • install Python and PyCharm on your home computer! Here is how.
  • go through the first two chapters of the Book Wentworth2012, and try some exercises and prepare questions for the next computer lab.

weekly homework

  • Weekly HW will be always discussed during the PC lab and students will have plenty of time to program the solution before the lab ends.
  • Work on your own but don't hesitate to ask the teacher for your help.
  • Submit your solution before the end of the lab. If it happens that you need a little bit more time, you are allowed to submit the solution until Friday 23:59.
  • Successful submission of all weekly homework assignments is required.

weekly homework 01

  • Create a PyCharm project.
  • Create a 01_weekly_hw.py file (module) inside the project you have just created.
  • Print your name and the result of the following expression (which must be evaluated by Python, not by you): 15 * 17 - 20 /5
  • Output example: John Doe 76.0
  • Upload the 01_weekly_hw.py file to BRUTE (weekly01 task).
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