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Computer Labs

Where and when: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Charles Square: Thursday 16:15-17:45 (room KN:E-132) or Friday 11:00-12:30 (room KN:E-230).

Teaching: Nikolaos-Antonios Ypsilantis, Jan Kúdelka

Consultation: (preferred order)

  1. During/after PC lab (in person)
  2. E-mail (ypsilnik@fel.cvut.cz, kudeljan@fel.cvut.cz)

Attending the labs is mandatory. Each lab is associated with a lecture where the theory required for the lab is presented. In case of skipping the lecture, the student is responsible for studying the necessary theory by himself. The content of the PC labs is going to be made available throughout the semester.

Mandatory Lab Exercises

Each lab will have an associated mandatory lab exercise with a deadline on Friday 23:59 each week. During the labs, the assignment will be discussed and individual help will be provided to students in order for them to complete the assignment. Students regularly attending the lectures should be able to solve the problem during the lab, either alone or with a minor help from the teacher. Submission of all mandatory lab exercises to BRUTE Upload system before the deadline is part of the lab attendance requirement.


It is required that all work you submit in this course is original and your own. It is not allowed to copy homework solutions from other students or from the internet, to provide your homework solutions to other students, or to publish them on the internet. You may freely discuss your solutions with other students, but code sharing is prohibited. See plagiarism_cheating for more details.

It is your responsibility that you do not share your code. In case of discovery, the person who provided the code is punished as well. Sufficient evidence of plagiarism is even when a student is unable to explain how his code works.

There are very strict punishments with regard to plagiarism and cheating during homework, tests, and exams. The first discovered plagiarism/cheating leads to zero points from the assignment/test. In case of an assignment, it is further necessary to submit a new, original, solution for zero points. The second occurrence means an F (fail) from the course and any subsequent plagiarism/cheating leads to disciplinary actions at the faculty level. It is important to note that every discovered plagiarism/cheating gets into your record – the plagiarism/cheating occurrences are counted cumulatively across all courses during your studies.

Q/A - Can I copy-paste from the internet?

The definition of plagiarism is using someone else's work and not acknowledging the source, i.e. claiming the work as your own. Copy-pasting is a special case - each time you copy-paste from any source, you need to carefully mark the copy-pasted part and cite the source. In case of essentially all courses during your studies, the work you submit is required to be original and your own, so you will not get any points for submitting someone else's work.

How to begin

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