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D - Tournament

The second part of the homework is the final tournament. The objective is to maximize your total score, that is, the sum of all partial gains from all rounds in all matches (against all other players). There will be 2 tournaments:

  • Basic version - the payoff matrix, as well as the number of iterations will be known to the student beforehand, namely:
    payoff_matrix = ( ((4,4),(1,6)) , ((6,1),(2,2)) )
    number_of_iterations = 20
  • Advanced version - the payoff matrix will be passed to the player just before the beginning of the game. The information about the number of iteration may or may not be passed to the player.

You can choose whatever strategy your player will play. The player can appropriately change its strategy during the match.


After the tournament is over (all players played against each other), partial scores from all rounds of all matches are summed up to make the final score of a player. Only qualified players are considered. That is, players not meeting at least the simple player criteria won't be involved in the tournament at all. Next, tournament ranking will be computed using the final scores and the players will be split into 4 groups according to their rank and will be given points accordingly.

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